One Step HBsAb Test


  • Model: Strip/Cassette

Hepatitis B is a widespread and serious liver disease. Hundreds of millions of people, most of them in regions with poor medical care, are chronically infected with the virus and face an elevated risk of acquiring liver cancer. HBsAb is one of markers that appear in the blood following infection with HBV and it appears several weeks after disappearance of Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) and existing for a long time. Test for HBsAg is indicated for the screening of blood and blood products to be used for transfusion, an aid for the diagnosis of existing or previous hepatitis B infection and estimating the status of vaccination.

One step HBsAb Test is used for the qualitative determination of Hepatitis B surface antibody (HBsAb) in human serum, plasma and whole blood.

Specimen: Serum/Plasma/ Whole blood

Shelf Life: 24-36 months at 2-30℃

Cut-off: 30NCU/ml

Specification(mm): Strip: 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0; Cassette: 3.0, 4.0

HS Code: 3822001000

Quality Certification: FSC/CE/ISO13485

Pack  size:40 pcs/box for Cassette, 50 pcs/box for Strip