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International Sales Manager

202207 Shanghai 6 9k+

Post requirements:

1. Acquainted with medical products, Familiar with Rapid test Products will be preferred 
2. Be capable of analyzing and solving problems independently 
3. Open, communicative, adaptive to learning group with good team spirit and excellent learning ability 
4. Experienced in English and Office software 
5. Be eager to get high salary

Job content:

1. Develop and keep overseas customer resources 
2. Supply our best services to customers 
3. Obtain high quality orders 

Foreign Trade Project Manager

202207 Shanghai 5 11K+

Job content:

1. Collect, organize, and analyze data and development trends regarding medical industry

2. Develop and carry out sales plans

3. Maintain customer relations and develop new customers to acheive sales targets

4. Frequent business travel required


1. Fluency in written and oral English (business level)

2. At least 5 years' experience in foreign trade, sales, import and export of medical product

3. Have existing medical product customer channels

4. Strong ability in market planning, analysis, and business negotiation

5. Flexible, takes initiative, ability to implement and carry projects to completion

6. Familiar with import and export practices, record keeping, customs declaration procedures, etc.

7. Experience leading a sales team, excellent interpersonal relations skills

8. Proficient in modern management practices

9. Ability to engage in sales management independently, good at team coordination and policy interpretation

10. Progressive, energetic, positive and innovative

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