Find Us in Shanghai International Epidemic-Prevention Material and Equipment Fair

202407 204

WHEN: 2020.7.30-2020.8.1

WHEREShanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center

BOOTH: T175-3

The Shanghai International Epidemic-Prevention Material and Equipment Fair, with a total exhibition area of about 26,000 square meters, has five major epidemic prevention sections, including an epidemic prevention equipment exhibition area, an epidemic prevention product exhibition area, an original and auxiliary materials exhibition area, and an emergency rescue goods exhibition area.

SEPMEF aims to create a global platform for the supply and demand of epidemic prevention materials, bringing together relevant companies across the country, especially high-quality raw materials, equipment, production, foreign trade and logistics companies in the Yangtze River Delta region, not only showing China's high-quality and qualified epidemic prevention materials to the world, and improving China The image of the product; at the same time, it is convenient for domestic enterprises, related institutions, overseas governments, and trade representatives to directly connect with high-quality enterprises to purchase qualified Chinese defense epidemic materials, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and solve their urgent needs; and related activities can greatly promote related materials Export from Shanghai, digest the production capacity of related companies, expand the sales channels of production companies, open up all circulation links of epidemic prevention materials, and ease the downward pressure on foreign trade. 

The exhibition will also bring together certification and testing agencies, and invite government departments such as customs to help solve the problems of incomplete qualifications of some enterprises, and answer and deal with the problems of demanders and suppliers on product certification and export qualifications on the spot, so as to quickly and efficiently Promote the procurement and export of relevant qualified materials. 

The exhibition is aimed at professional buyers such as domestic local governments, medical institutions, as well as foreign consulates in Shanghai, business associations, trading companies and foreign-funded enterprises, and guides the procurement needs of epidemic prevention materials at home and abroad to high-quality enterprises on the exhibition site in an orderly manner The docking will achieve the goal of multi-point and multi-win, such as digesting production capacity, restoring the economy, promoting foreign trade, solving demand, supporting the fight against the epidemic, and enhancing the image.