96 wells reaction plate/24 wells culture plate


  • Model:
  • Made of high quality PS material or organic glass by ultraprecise mould with automatic technique. Used for fungus, bacteria and other microorganism culture.

  • According to the shape of bottom, it can be classified to: Flat bottom, U-bottom and V-bottom.

  • Single direction lid design with coherent ring reduces contamination. 

  • A good combination of the lid and plate, convenient for air exchange and avoid medium contamination or loss.

  • Flange design for the wells prevents cross contamination. Molded letters and numbers helps locating in experiment. 

  • Can be stacked up to save the space and good for lab environment.

  • Good compatibility, adapted to most of the machines. 

  • Available in E.O. or Gamma radiation sterile.

    Item No.
    culture plate
    24 wells
    200 pcs/CTN
    W312reaction plate
    96 wells
    200 pcs/CTN