One Step Test for HBsAb


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One Step HBsAb Test is a rapid direct binding test for the  visual detection of hepatitis B  antibodies(anti-HBs) in serum as an aid in the diagnosis of hepatitis B infection.One Step HBsAb test is based on the principle of double antigen sandwich immunoassay for determination of HBsAb in serum.Purified antigens are employed to identify anti-HBs specifically.This one step test is very sensitive and only takes about 10-15 minutes.Test results are read visually without any instrument.

Specimen : serum/plasma/ Whole blood

Sensitivity : 95.5%

Specificity : 98.6%

24 months at 2-30℃

 Pack  size:40 pcs/box
 Specimen:serum/plasma/ Whole blood